Water and Sanitation

Water is life and without access to clean and sufficient water, sustainability of human and socio economic welfare of many people would be affected negatively. Among world 663 million people 1 in 10 lacks access to clean water[1]. Access to basic sanitation is important as it guarantees quality to life and improved hygiene and health especially for women and children. It is estimated that among worlds 2.4 billion people 1 out of 3 people lack access to a toilet.

[1] World Health Organization and UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP). (2015) Progress on Drinking Water and Sanitation, 2015 Update and MDG Assessment.

Our team of experts consists of engineers, hydrologist, environmentalists, socio-economists and financial and institutional specialists. Using this team we are able to provide institutional, training and capacity building support to water utilities. Further we provide financial, commercial and technical support in developing and managing sustainable water supply infrastructure.

Becoconsulting services covers the whole project cycle implementation including conducting sustainability studies for completed projects. Our range of services includes;

  1. Pre – feasibility studies, feasibility studies, proposal writing,  and baseline surveys
  2. Preparation and design of tendering documents (water supply, water treatment, sludge management, biogas plants and pumping stations)
  3. Environmental impact assessments and audits
  4. Utilities institutional development and capacity building.
  5. Evaluation of water sanitation programmes
  6. Project management and third party monitoring.

Design of solid and liquid waste management systems