1.      Strategy, Policy and Advisory.

We endeavor to use data, research and insights to deliver quality advisory to both our private and public sector clients. Our experts provide business strategies and public policy advisory while taking greater concern of the changing economic, market and government policy decisions to senior management in private sector and top government leaders.

Our services are clustered into;

  1. Public sector strategy,
  2. Corporate strategy,
  3. Organization strategy.

In delivering the above services we offer custom solution to each client while leveraging best industry knowledge and methodologies including relevant past experiences.

2.      Business and Market Analytics.

A business that embraces research in their growth phases surely avoid the pit falls others encounter before. Research, data and insights have wealth information that best describes nature and performance of each enterprise in each unique environment.

It’s important for any business to understand their client’s needs and changing preferences. Use of data and business intelligence enables businesses respond effective to customer concerns, capture changing customer trends and respond efficiently enabling them to retain and capture new customers. Our experts provide the following services;

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Pricing and purchase dynamics analysis
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product usage and attitude surveys
  • Quantifying impact of advertising by firms
  • Brand equity and awareness
  • Product testing and activation

3.      Research, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Today changing world is myriad by dynamic changes in the political, social and economic spheres which have been compounded by the changing climatic patterns. In addressing these issues donors, private sector and governments have invested money and other resources to spur inclusive and sustainable development. In line with the above beconsult designs, develops, and implements rigorous approaches to research, monitoring and evaluations assignments in all regions of Africa.  Our expert services include;

  • Programme design
  • Proposal development
  • Baseline surveys/ Rapid assessments
  • Mid-term evaluations
  • Impact evaluation studies
  • Design monitoring and evaluation plans/frameworks
  • Third party monitoring

In executing the above services we conduct research on each particular assignment and determine the best methodology to be applied. We are specialized in quasi experimental designs and randomized control trials.

4.      Beco-consulting  IT Lab.

Beco-consulting lab is the innovation arm of our firm. We design, host, test and implement cutting-edge concepts that support all the services provided by beco-consulting. Our Support has enabled our clients to achieve their business objectives and overcome impeding challenges.

Our IT services include;

  • Software design and testing
  • Data analytics and business intelligence
  • Sampling, surveys design and data collection
  • Business process automation
  • Systems integration