Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture is the main economic contributor to most countries in developing world yet currently the sector is faced with challenges of changing climate, declining soil fertility and high population growth others. This challenges calls for rapid changes to improve the sector such agro-processing, value chains, increased support to small holders and making markets work.

We aim to support agriculture sector in order to increase sustainable income, sufficient and nutritious food to support livelihoods of many poor farmers. Our expert provides post-harvest training farmers to prevent them from incurring losses.

At Becoconsulting we provide the following services; building capacities of poor rural farmers, identifying and promoting sustainable value chains, promotion of alternative livelihoods, market analysis and policy development.

Energy and Environment

Energy – Environment nexus fields calls for solutions that are interdependent and sustainable. The technology developed should be environmentally fit while the energy generated should not harm the environment. We utilize best industry best knowledge and skills to deliver quality advice to our clients.

Becoconsulting works with donors, governments and private sector in delivering projects that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our services include;

  1. Renewable energy studies
  2. Energy demand planning
  3. Environmental planning
  4. Energy audits
  5. Training and capacity building

Water and Sanitation

Water is life and without access to clean and sufficient water, sustainability of human and socio economic welfare of many people would be affected negatively. Among world 663 million people 1 in 10 lacks access to clean water. Access to basic sanitation is important as it guarantees quality to life and improved hygiene and health especially for women and children. It is estimated that among worlds 2.4 billion people 1 out of 3 people lack access to a toilet.

Our team of experts consists of engineers, hydrologist, environmentalists, socio-economists and financial and institutional specialists. Using this team we are able to provide institutional, training and capacity building support to water utilities. Further we provide financial, commercial and technical support in developing and managing sustainable water supply infrastructure.

Becoconsulting services covers the whole project cycle implementation including conducting sustainability studies for completed projects. Our range of services includes;

  1. Pre – feasibility studies, feasibility studies, proposal writing,  and baseline surveys
  2. Preparation and design of tendering documents (water supply, water treatment, sludge management, bio-gas plants and pumping stations)
  3. Environmental impact assessments and audits
  4. Utilities institutional development and capacity building.
  5. Evaluation of water sanitation programs
  6. Project management and third party monitoring.
  7. Design of solid and liquid waste management systems.

Gender and Social Protection

Impacts of gender mainstreaming and social protection are important facets to alleviate poverty, stabilize political and promote inclusive growth. The gender gap in developing countries is still very high and it has impacted negatively many economies.

Many countries, donors including private sector in many countries consider supporting the very poor by providing support in form of social protection. These have been targeted in supporting the elderly, poor ad orphaned children’s. These supports have ranged from direct food supplies, vouchers and cash transfer programming.

We support our clients in designing, delivering and implementing gender related programs, policies and projects and evaluating efficient means by which citizens can be assisted. We provide evaluation services of such efforts to our clients to assess impact of their work.

Market and Financial Inclusion Solutions

We develop innovative market solutions by adding value to financial services to benefit many people at the bottom of the pyramid. We utilize rigorous economic, econometric and financial analysis tools to provide evidence based research on market and financial tools that work for the poor. Through our services we network and provide expert advisory to financial institutions, international agencies, private firms and non-governmental organizations working in Agriculture, finance, water and energy sectors.

At our beconsult IT Lab we offer the following services;

  • Market and product research
  • Digital financial products
  • Evaluation of financial projects
  • Designing strategy development plans for financial institutions
  • Provide financial training to non-financial groups
  • Design and integration of financial applications

Government and Public Sector

Becoconsulting experts work close with governments with aim of transforming and improving public service delivery.  We forge partnerships with state organs and agencies to device strategic tools, test and upscale the ones that prove to be effective and efficient in service delivery.

Many governments in developing countries face many challenges such as poor service delivery, corruption, redundant labor force, high deficits and non-demand led government projects. We forge partnerships other firms providing services to governments and incorporate proven concepts that have evidence in improving public sector delivery. We provide our expert service in all environments and always aim to create sustainable impact for all.