2015 – Baseline Evaluation and Socio Economic Survey, Tanzania

This project is intended to make a major contribution to the improvement of sanitation and public health conditions in the informal settlements of Mwanza through a planned allocation of about 13.1 Million Euros. This study was commission to assist UN Habitat with evidence based facts in order to provide balanced programme of investments to address issues of water supply, sewerage and non-sewerage sanitation as well as a comprehensive programme of sanitation in schools and public institutions. A comprehensive socio-economic survey was undertaken using quantitative and qualitative questionnaires where vulnerability rate and poverty rate of each respondent was identified and mapped against access to water and sanitation services. The study covered 458 households and 150 schools in Mwanza Municipality. The study made actionable recommendation to United Nations Human Settlement Programme and project partners (Mwanza Water and Sanitation Company).

“Urban development, water, sanitation and training and capacity building”