2013 – Socio Economic baseline survey, Kenya

The survey focused on establishing socio-economic status of households in Kericho County in Kenya. Africa Development Bank (AfDB), Lake Victoria North Water and Sanitation Authority, Lake Victoria Basin Commission together with UN Habitat are implementing water and sanitation programme with aim of improving water access and sanitation among the poor households. The study involved mapping Kericho town, community and stakeholder engagement recruitment and training of field researcher. The outcome results assisted UN Habitat in designing training and capacity building programme for the water and sanitation stakeholders and programme design. It highlighted important aspects such level of water access and household’s willingness to pay for improved services. Participatory mixed methods was used for study with sampled 300 households, 20 schools, 5 hospitals and 3 markets. The recommendations assisted all the stakeholders in designing and implementing the programme in Kericho.
“Urban development, health, water, poverty”